BiG-SCAPE (Biosynthetic Gene Similarity Clustering and Prospecting Engine) is a Python software package that constructs sequence similarity networks of biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) and groups them into gene cluster families (GCFs).

BiG-SCAPE does this by rapidly calculating a distance matrix between gene clusters based on a comparison of their protein domain content, order, copy number, and sequence identity. Outputs of BiG-SCAPE are raw network files as well as a rich graphical user interface in HTML format that can be used to explore the networks and families in your browser.

Learn more about BiG-SCAPE in the BiG-SCAPE wiki and the publication.


CORASON (CORe Analysis of Syntenic Orthologs to prioritize Natural Product Biosynthetic Gene Clusters) is a visual tool that identifies gene clusters that share a common genomic core, and reconstructs multi-locus phylogenies of these gene clusters to explore their evolutionary relationships. CORASON outputs are newick trees, a core functional report and a graphical output in SVG format, displaying metadata such as gene function and genome coordinates, thus facilitating genomic analysis.

Learn more about CORASON in the CORASON wiki.


BiG-SCAPE and CORASON were developed in a collaboration between the research groups of Francisco (Paco) Barona-Gomez at Cinvestav (Mexico) and Marnix Medema at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). The development of these tools was lead by Jorge Navarro-Muñoz and Nelly Selem-Mojica, respectively.

For questions regarding CORASON, please contact Nelly and/or Paco. For questions regarding BiG-SCAPE, please go to the official repository (the Discussions or Issues sections), or contact Jorge and/or Marnix.